Friends?…. Can I get one?…Where can I find them?

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Those 7 month I have been in a foreign country reminds me the idea of “Friends”. We all know we are sociable beings; therefore, be alone is related to personal behavior problems. In conclusion, by nature, we need to be surrounded by other people. After been socializing, hearing and learning from other people, I think I’m moving forward better social knowledge, I guess.

This necessity of being sociable makes some people’s life a complete challenge: get friends, be nice, be “normal”, be likable; and at the same time, it brings to your mind these questions: What am I supposed to say?, What am I response?, I’ve been rude?. Waooo, where can I study to get those skills and not dye trying to learn it?… And… it gets worst when you see how easy is for other people to make new friends, have fun or be notable in a group.


Rodny, Daniela, me and César… December 2013, sharing experiences.. keeping updated about each other life.

I have to be honest, in my case, never ever have been easy to start a conversation or even worst to make the other people feel confortable with me…There are several reasons to feel in this way:  1. Lack of self confidence, 2. Anxiety, 3. Stress, 4. Uninterested in other people. All those are related to each other in some point, and all have a solution!…

I’ll tell you a secret, if you ask anyone: how do you feel when you have to approach another person the first time, I’m 100% sure everyone would say: nervous; even though is the most sociable person you’ve ever met you’re talking to. Keeping that in mind, will help you to send far away all those ideas that are making you feel really awkward sometimes.

Some steps you can use to start or make conversation:

1.  Weather, is an old one, but today I heard a person starting a conversation: “Is it snowing out there?”… after, 5 people where talking about it…(and it is obvious snow outside is falling since yesterday)

2. Sports, just ask about any sport game: Soccer, Hockey or even Jacks.. and remember, don’t denigrate any sport.

3. What did you do during the weekend?

4. Movies!…. do you like movies?… share your opinions about it… and be respectful with others opinion.

5. Random and stupid stuff, I know a guy who is always talking about nothing and laughing, and guess what?… is such an interesting person… For example: let’s talk about Whatsapp problems on sunday!… 4 hours of non-chating!……………………..

Free yourself and enjoy others ideas… that’s it.

Bringing back the topic “Friends”, I could say we all have people we really want to be near with; people you have things in common, ideas, hobbies, etc; but, there is the people who shine up over the rest, these person who is always (or try to be) by your side in important moments even if they’re are so far away. However, as any other relationship, has to be maintained through ups and down, with love, compression, forgiveness. That’s he reason real friends are very special.

I believe in friendship…. and I believe all of us have a soul mate in some place; maybe, just take look at your side.

Friendship… is not something you learn in school. But if you haven’t learned the meaning of friendship, you really haven’t learned anything.

                          Muhammad Ali

I want to dedicate this post to all those amazing people i have met during all my life in Panama and for all those incredible people I have met in the last 7 month here in Canada….. I enjoy every moment with you…

By the way, I really recommend this song to you guys!…
One Republic – What you wanted


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