Living in this world like a woman

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I don’t know why I just felt simply passionate with the idea of writing this post. Even though, men in general will hate it, I worked on it anyway. As most of you may know, I’m a very proud women with a profession in so many cases, with higher percentage of men than women. It is a reality that we are not living in 1800’s or early 1900’s and is also a matter of fact that women education and professional role has developed tremendously but it is also true that we are today facing some little and big problems in our society in general and work place.260

Let’s start talking about society. What (most) society expects for a women on her nearly 30’s? baby’s, marriage, taking care of home and kids, bla bla bla. Now, I analysed my friends, which they have accomplished professional and personal goals, but no one of them related to the points I mentioned before. Are we just not paying attention of what we need to do or we are just looking for what we actually want?… I might say: it depends!… obviously it depends on what you want… but always about what you really want nor what others want you to be!. If Deydi decided to have a baby after her 30’s or why not 40’s… you will hear people talking about that maybe she will never find a guy!… Come on!…. Let’s the girls to live her life’s as they want!.

Moving on tothe workplace (my favourite one)… Right now I’m working for a construction company… and guess what? I can calculate maybe 30 managers so far… and guess what? no one of them is a women…. I will encourage you to analyse where are your working for right now, I’ll bet less than a half of the managers are women. Today I have heard something that I was shocked… a guy (who is looking for a new girlfriend) told me.. there is nothing here at this office… there aren’t any women who is manager or something like that. Crazy right?. Men wants a girl which has to be a high profile worker and also a person who has to give birth, clean the house, cook, etc.

People look at me and ask me if I’m working in Human Resources or IT Services, I might not be able to work on field as any other man, really?. I know, is not easy to be under the sun all day and then get home and prepare dinner, but is not impossible. What about being a supervisor, manager or whatever they called today those people taking very important decisions.. we can do it!… as we did it before to be where we are right now.

To all that women out there.. working so hard to maintain a family… I say: Thank you for be how you are, and for those women looking for opportunities to step up in any field.. please don’t give up!







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