Simple life = happy people

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I have been quite for a while, since I got a lot of changes in my life; however, I found the time to start up my writing skills again.

Last September I moved out from Panama to Solwezi, Zambia; which is a town located at the north part of Zambia (if you don’t know where is Zambia, well is in Africa). From here I have been working for a mining company as a civil engineer in the roads department (construction of roads and earthworks). Therefore: new places, new people, new experiences, new accents, new languages, new food… in conclusion: everything is new for me in this place.

In the last 2 weeks, I got the responsibility to supervise a team work; which brings me more in touch with the people working for this company. Even though, I have been surrounded by this guys all the time I have been here, I hadn’t have the chance to go deep in their lives up to now. Digging up about their lifestyle and even looking carefully at what they do day-to-day always make me wonder about many things about life and how different our society behaves from one side to the world to another.

At this point, I must confess that I am in love with people, as simple as it is; it does not matter the country, skin color, religion, political preferences… I just like the way human beings are so different to each other and at the same time how close can we be. This feeling about people has increased because of the curiosity of being in a foreign country with a bunch of people from other places; therefore my brain is hunger of knowledge to understand every single situation.

Looking at the guys I work with and how they give you a smile everyday for free is priceless, specially when you are aware about all the problems they could be facing at home; which we consider in our countries as very hard moments of our lives, it’s hard to believe how they can give a smile. Looking at their eyes and innocence coming out of it, my heart is telling me to stay with this people and learn how to be like them in a certain way.



To conclude (as an essay), enjoy what you have today and learn how to appreciate every second of life…


with love




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