About me

Bienvenidos a las aventuras de Deydi! Welcome to Deydi’s adventures!

Deydi is just my name. I was looking for a short fancy title for my blog and the only word I came across with was my own name, which is quite particular by the way.

Who is Deydi?

I’m from Panama and by profession Civil Engineer. I’m the oldest in a family of 2, which includes: mom, dad, sister, dog and 3 cats (You will meet them later). I love taking pictures, cooking and baking healthy stuff, cycling, listening to music and any kind of applications that makes my life easier.

What is this blog about?  Why in english?

3 years ago I was chatting with a friend about his homework from an English Course, he told me that they were practicing writing skills by creating a blog which I thought would be a fantastic idea to improve and try to bring back my writing skills. The next and most difficult question I had was: What the blog is going to be about?, since this question I have been putting together a lot of ideas, and finally, after 3 years, I decided to post whatever it comes to my mind to keep memories in here.

In addition, I’m trying to help some friends to improve their English by forcing them to read my stuff in English. I will also have some posts in spanish to help my english speaking friends to improve their spanish, what a task!!.

Hope you like my posts and do not be afraid to share your comments, suggestions likewise any way of improvement.

With love









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